Defensive Driving Descriptions

Emergency Lane Change / Accident Avoidance

A series of three lanes are each marked at the end of the run with a traffic signal. Student accelerates the car. As the student drives up to the transition point between the three lanes, he/she has to react to the green light marking the lane to drive the car into and then safely stop at the end of the run. Instructor controls lights, and gives feedback to student after each run.


A Honda Civic EX Coupe is fitted with hydraulically controlled outriggers which lift the car off the ground to minimize the car tires’ contact patches with the road. This drill simulates oversteer and understeer situations which are encountered typically in inclement weather. Instructor adjusts understeer/oversteer with control unit from passenger seat.

Wet Braking

This drill addresses the driver input needed for car equipped with ABS and non-ABS braking systems. Student will have to abruptly apply the brakes on a wet surface and get the car to turn efficiently by modulating the brake pedal.